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Election Day: Biden & His Black “Side Piece” or Trump & Fly Boy?

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

It’s time to vote for one of two old angry white men again. Look, I was struggling with who is the better choice between Trump and Biden as well. Contrary to Biden’s idiotic “you ain’t black” comment regarding voting for him or Trump, I think I had valid concerns. Trump hasn’t been trained in proper etiquette when it comes to the political world, but Biden is an old seasoned vet. Biden has said whatever you want to hear and a bunch of things you don’t, all for the sake of the Black vote. He even decided it was time to add a Black woman to the ballot for special effects. Most politicians know we love to support a Black face. Unfortunately, the Black community will jump behind a Marion Barry type, no matter how many crack rocks he or she smokes. Hey, I guess representation matters more than our best interest.

However, Trump has proven to be dangerous in his role as a leader. He has made efforts to interfere with our United States Postal Service, forced the CDC to change recommendations for COVID-19, promoted medication without any scientific facts, the list goes on and on. Many of his supporters are openly racists, so he caters to their support no matter how deadly it is to America. Now, Trump is promoting a Platinum Plan for Blacks and hoping we are blinded by the Bling, Bling. We should not be enticed by someone dangling a slice of bread when we deserve a full course meal. The truth is, he doesn’t have any reason to provide us with financial growth because this is his last term. If Blacks were truly on his list of people to help, why did we have to wait for a plan at the end of his campaign? The only time Blacks are considered is when it is time to crunch those numbers and they realize they need our vote to win. They have systematically kept our community strapped to the bottom of the barrel. Creating laws designed to keep us running in circles. Do you find it odd that the only time our needs are mentioned is during an election year? But, change never comes. So, why would anyone believe change is going to start with Trump?

Trump will lie, cheat, and even KILL for another four years in office, that is scary. If voting for Biden is just an attempt to vote Trump out, let’s do it. I understand voting should not be some knee-jerk reaction in retaliation for a man exposing the truth about what America truly is. We cannot afford to keep a man in office who acts like a spoiled five-year-old whenever he does not get his way. Much less listen to his claim of having a hunch that COVID-19 will magically disappear. This man should be in a straightjacket in the R-Wing not the West Wing of the White House.

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