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Dude, Ya Girl Jack’d Up?

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Omari Hardwick is the latest celebrity to feel the heat of public opinion.

The sexy actor revealed his wife and all hell broke loose. Most questioned her looks, others questioned her gender.

While the media would prefer you to believe black women are BIG MAD because these men chose white women, the truth is, these men chose unattractive, mediocre, ugly Bettys to wife up.

Honestly, most black women (including myself) couldn’t care less about her or her looks. But, as a black woman, it is my duty to speak “our“ truth because “others” constantly try to do it for us😕.

Men like Ice T and Kanye West are married to attractive white women, and rarely get any hate from black women (I’m sure theirs a few messy miserable black women lurking in the background). However, the overall support is noticeable.

When it comes to beauty or lack there of, the public will always have an opinion.

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