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Drive-Thru Testing?

Many states in the USA are now offering Drive-thru Coronavirus Testing. What is Drive-Thru Testing? How does it work? And, who is eligible for the test?

Drive-Thru testing is intended for the most critical areas, such as large cities and populous places. In some places, you have to call ahead of time and make an appointment for the test. Those being tested drive up in their vehicles, medical officials conduct the swab test, and then the swab is sent to a lab to be tested. Medical officials have stated the results of the test should not take longer than 24 hours. Those who are tested are also ordered to stay in self-quarantine until the results are released. Medical officials have also warned that because an individual does not test positive for Coronavirus, does not mean they will not later contract the illness.

Who is eligible to take the test? In some states, Drive-Thru testing is free to anyone who makes an appointment. In other states, only those who are symptomatic essential or healthcare workers, those who are symptomatic and live with an essential worker, and those who are symptomatic with underlying conditions or compromised immune systems are allowed to be tested at the moment. Medical officials are trying to utilize the tests in the most efficient and effective manner, which is why in some places the tests are limited to certain individuals.

Drive-Thru testing is currently encourage for those who have only mild symptoms of COVID-19 in order to prevent flooding in hospitals. However, medical officials state to not hesitate in calling your doctor or going to the emergency room if you are experiencing severe symptoms.

Information gathered from & An email sent out by Congressman Jim Banks to the residents of Indiana

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