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Domestic Violence

Something some of us women know all too much about. It haunts us daily and for some of us it’s hard to run away for fear of it getting worse. No man should EVER feel the need to put their hands on us in a violent way. There are millions of women dying everyday or ending up in permanent disabilities because of physical abuse.

There are 2 or 3 forms of abuse that I am aware of and they all go hand in hand at some point.

Physical Abuse

The worst of them all. This can lead to death and I know of some women who have actually died from this. A man beats you until you’re numb and incoherent. Sometimes you’re so physically hurt that it kills you. He gets a thrill out of it. He’s in control. He’s highly jealous. He feels he’s doing nothing wrong. He says he does it because he loves you. THAT’S NOT LOVE!!!!! That is pure hatred for you to be his woman. Some men mistake submission for authority. They are not the same. Just because I am supposed to submit to you as a king, does not give you the right to subject me as being beneath a queen.

Mental and Emotional Abuse

I have personally been through this. I was told by one of my kids father’s that no one would want me because I had 2 kids. Those words caused me to stay with him for another 2 years before I finally walked away and never looked back. Those words hurt and made me think “maybe he’s right. Who wants a woman with 2 kids”? Hell, a lot of men won’t date a woman with kids period. That man drained me for almost a decade. My emotions and self esteem went out the window. It took awhile for me to find myself again but I did.

I know of too many women who have dealt with all of the above: beaten everyday because the house wasn’t cleaned or the dinner wasn’t ready after work or he was just having a bad day and needed to release some stress. Women being told that they are ugly, fat, disgusting, etc. making them eat more or eat less; weight constantly fluctuating; in and out the hospital. We have to learn when enough is enough and walk away before it’s too late. We can’t risk another outburst because it might be our last. There are plenty of programs to help us. We have to do better. We have to save ourselves. We have to know the warning signs before it gets worse.

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