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Dems Need A Broom, Not a Closed Chamber

After reading days (many days) of news coverage over Trump's heavy handedness with the Ukraine, I'm left with two very important questions leading to one very important conclusion. But first of all, let's make sure we're asking the right questions leading to the right conclusion.

First Question: Did Joe and Hunter Biden profit from deals with the Ukraine because of political privilege?

If so, shouldn't that be answered before questions of impeachment? Let's deal with possible infractions leading to possible infractions in their correct order.

Second Question: Is a sitting Vice President allowed to profit from office with impunity as long as he's on foreign soil?

If so, why Is President Trump being held with his feet to the fire over wanting the truth? The issue to me isn't whether Donald Trump is, as one local news outlet put it, trying to squeeze Ukrainian leaders for information, but why aren't the Democrats wanting to clean house? Until elected officials operate with transparency, we the people have no way of making intelligent, truth-based decisions.

Closed door hearings do little to instill confidence in the proceedings. Sweeping Vice President Biden's actions under the carpet is sleazy representation of ruling privilege. Donald Trump shouldn't have to search for the truth from foreign governments, and the fact that he has been should bring all thinking American's to a disturbing revelation.

Right Conclusion: The Democrats need to clean up their own mess before trying to legislate the possible clean up of a Republican mess.

I'm for transparency in government. The average American never sees the kind of money being being bandied around as political gain by the Biden clan in the course of a lifetime, even in the course of three generations of accumulated wealth. Yet we are being asked to politely ignore allegations over back door dealing in a potential candidate for the presidency, and being asked to censure a sitting president over a quest for the truth. Since when did Donald Trump become the bad guy? Perhaps it's an elitist title being parroted by wrong-headedness. The Dems should be cleaning house if they're wanting the working man's/woman's vote in 2020. Let's be sending brooms to D.C.

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