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Democracy vs GOP

by Joyce M Moore

It's interesting to watch the election debates and ads as the Democrats campaign and the Republican party campaign to win the 2 seats. When watching the ads the Democrats are leaning towards current issues and the Republicans, (GOP) are leaning towards keeping the white farmers and the rich pockets full. Watching a recent tweet ad for republican Kelly Loeffler she posts: We can do this Liberal celebrities turn GA into Hollywood East in Bid to flip Senate. In small-caps it read: "Celebrities set aside boycott calls to help Democrats with runoffs" She sends out subliminal messages in her tweets and thinks that only her followers understand what she means. Her strongest clap back for her democrat competition with Warnock and Osoff is to slander their campaign ads instead of focusing on the real current issues and what her contribution will be once she is elected. Osoff had a campaign where he visited a Black-owned Vegan restaurant and the only slander she could do was to downplay the fact he went to a vegan restaurant as if that was not significant. Yet, she mentions that she supports the minority but downplayed this black owner's establishment. This clearly shows some childish and immature tactics on the Republican party. The Election debate is like the Montagues and the Capulets back in the Rome era. Two large dominating families who have always disliked each other and were always competing to bring the other to their knees. You always end up having a Romeo and Juliet which is the White House where they all meet to air out current issues, two groups of people squawking at each other and how can they agree on anything? Well, they can't and that's why the system isn't working. If you want to know about your senate and congress just pay attention to their tweets so many subliminal messages out there. Some of the candidates have gotten bold in their statements. Why would I elect you when all we have to do is go on your Twitter page? Just like employers view social media to check out potential candidates, don't be ignorant to think the citizens aren't doing the same thing to confirm senate credibility. These old traditional methods and rules are outdated even the name screams ancient seriously, GOP. The system needs some modernization starting with a cap on the age a president is eligible to run for election.


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