Delayed Gratification

I am letting be known now, I am not a money expert. Instead I started looking for one. I went to Primerica, signed up for Dave Ramsey for help, and even took budgeting, credit repair & debt resolution classes at my job.I was determined to learn more about money. This past week they were talking about money at church. It was like connecting all the dots. It started when I just challenged myself to save $300, it was like a pre-starter emergency fund. This experiment helped me learn how undisciplined I was with money. I literally didn't realize I use to spend my whole check. I started putting up a portion from each check from my job just to see if I could save the $300. It was like there was an emergency almost every time I got close to the $300. It took months just to get that amount. Now my next challenge is $1,000. This stuff is easier said than done however if can save just $300, I can develop enough discipline to save $1,000. Which I actually did before and didn't touch the money for a

while. It was just rainy days and emergencies back then. Despite of all these challenges, I must learn financial discipline.


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