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Daniel Prude Murdered by RPD

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

As cries for defunding the police grows louder, more dead bodies of unarmed black men continue to rise. Unfortunately, Daniel Prude is just another name added to a long list of men murdered, after an encounter with police officers.

According to reports, on March 23rd, Mr. Prude, who may have suffered from mental illness, stripped naked after a disturbance on W. Main and Jefferson Avenue. When police officers arrived, they found Prude nude, incoherent while yelling obscenities. The 41 year old man was ordered to the ground and handcuffed. Officers alleged, a 911 caller claimed Prude yelled that he was infected with Coronavirus. Officers noted that this accusation caused concern once Mr. Prude began to spit in their direction. At that point, officers placed a spit sock over Mr. Prune’s head.

However, the officer’s body-camera tells another story. Officers ordered Mr. Prude to the ground and told him to place his hands behind his back, Prude complied. An officer is seen placing Prude in handcuffs. Mr. Prude is then asked if he is infected with HIV, Prude responded, “No”. Prude never stated he is infected with coronavirus in the video and he doesn’t began spitting until after the spit sock is placed over his head. Officers stood around Mr. Prude over five minutes laughing and joking as one is seen tightening the spit sock around his neck.

Moments later, Prude vomits and lays motionless on the freezing concrete as paramedic perform CPR. Daniel Prude's tragic murder is alarming and all parties involved should be held accountable.

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