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Cyber Bullies, and they are True Haters!

Have you ever been to school where someone hit you, and you could call the cops, and have a decent chance of having them arrested? Well cyber bully's come in all forms, and shapes. And sometimes you cannot call the cops, and have them arrested, or even have a chance to fight them back. They are cowards who want you to hurt you, and destroy your life. But we will not let that happen this time!

Why are you Hurting Me?

Bullies like to attack someone or anyone who is better than them. Sometimes it gets so bad on how they torment the person behind a keyboard that someone can end their life. No we won't do that, we will report them, and have better security. Some poor person who feels pain unjustifiable. So bad that they cannot speak, or utter a word. To the point of feeling worthless, or stupid. Bullies come from all walks of life, and if they do not get their way, they feel so pissed off. They take their aggression out on people/kids who do not deserve it.

Think about this, they are cowards! They cannot actually go to your house, and say discriminating things to your face. They have to do it all with a keyboard, and secretly get away with it! Wow! Aren't they so tough, no not at all! It does not matter who you are, and you should not be judged based on yourself, no-matter what! Even if they are not talking about you. Like for instance they steal words, and turn around, and bully you with them. These bullies should eat dog crap for a living! Do not end your life over a waste of crap like these bullies. You are way too important, you have a purpose, a journey, a life. The bullies by the way do not have a life if their using it to end yours. Keep positive, and forget them!

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