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Cuomo Warns about the Corona Virus

According to the New York Times, Governor Andrew Cuomo says New York now has a total of 1,941 deaths due to COVID-19 and the total deaths of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut combined is 2,381. He emphasized that the disease is spreading more rapidly to Michigan, California, and Florida. He urges Americans in states who have not been hit yet to take the virus more seriously. He believes that there will be "tens of thousands of deaths outside of New York.”

Cuomo says that his brother, Chris, has had the virus and is doing alright. As a CNN anchor, he is still hosting the show from his basement.

Andrew Cuomo has also expressed frustration at the social distancing law, believing that Americans should participate in it themselves without having to be told to. He ordered that all of the city's playgrounds will be shut down.

No matter where the virus is right now, everyone needs to take it more seriously. The more we stay inside, the quicker the people afflicted with the virus will heal, and the quicker it will go away.

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