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#Crazy Glue?

Have you ever tried to put something together, and it didn't fit. It made no sense whatsoever. Are you broken? You have tired to make something of your life, but feel empty, and deserted. We feel like an empty house with shattered fragments of once was our life.

I am Broken!

There are many times in our life's were we feel like it is the end. We have hit rock bottom, and cannot get out. A lot of the times it is not our faults. We go out, do our best, and still get treated unfairly, or worse than unfairly. People need to know that this happens to all of us. There is going to be sometime in your life where you do not see, or feel, get what you desire, want, thirst, or crave. When we are broken we try to fix ourselves with whatever is the strongest, to hold us together again, and go back out. And hey it is not your fault!

We then feel like our life is shattered, because someone said this, or that. Or we became homeless. Strong feelings come pouring, and sweeping in, and we just cannot take it! Then our spirits are broken. We do not want to eat, sleep, do anything normal, or at least good. We want to destroy anyone who sounds like, looks like, or treats, you like crap. But we got to get up, forgive, and forget, and push ourselves. So that your life doesn't remain a jolt of horror. We all make mistakes, and we have to push through them. And let it go. It will be hard, but there is more to life.

Letting go

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