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We are living in a world that revolves around politics now. I know it has been here since the war for America, but are we still fighting it? It seems like we are. Instead we can love, show kindness instead of killings, and hurt. We fight for what we want, but has it gone too far? The End of a War into a deeper hell. We are Crazed Up!

I mean how much blood do we have to shed to rule the world?

In our hearts, and minds we know what is best for us! We do not need nobody to hurt us. We need justice, mercy, happiness, love, job, the list goes on, and on. Why can't we work together? We are Crazed Up!

So many people today forget about the good times we have with our family, and friends. That we do not need to put a stop, or end to life just, because we did not get one thing that is out of a million, or trillion. Crap happens, think about people who are dying right now. Sick kids that are starving. People who are homeless after serving in the war, and called nothing anymore. What about them. They have rights to say, I am hungry, or Mom could you rub my back, because they are so sick that they cannot move.

Politics sometimes are just not it.

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