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COVID-19 VS. Influenza (Flu)

Time and time again you here people say "It's just like the flu. Why is everyone freaking out? Scientist's are most worried about how quickly it spreads. Influenza spread across the world from 1918-1919. 1/3rd of the world population was infected. 50 million people died. Science was much less advanced. Vaccines were nonexistent and antibiotics were very underdeveloped. Today, the Flu is typically only passed to one other person, while the coronavirus has been recorded to pass to two or three other people. Doctors want to limit COVID-19, knowing that a pandemic much like influenza could be in the near future.

Much like the rwsponse to influenza, not much is known abiut COVID-19. This has led to the virus doubling and tripling every couple of weeks. Hospitals experience overflow and many other illnesses are not treated. This timeframe is based on how long it takes for people to exhibit symptoms. Many people experience light or no symptoms within the first two weeks of infections. Unintentionally, those people are spreading the virus everyday.

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