COVID-19 and Governor Gretchen Esther Whitmer Everybody Verses COVID-19

Since the Governor's inauguration in January 2019, she has been making difficult decisions. She has to do a state emergency against COVID-19, demanding that the president send supplies to the hospitals and even closing schools. She said "This isn't the time to be fighting with each other. We all need to be fighting COVID-19 together." Face masks have been given out.

I was send an emergency alert on my phone a few days ago. It was a public safety alert. It reads" From the Executive Office of the Governor: The State of Michigan's Stay Home Stay Safe takes effect at midnight tonight. Nonessential travel is prohibited. As necessary, you may leave your home for health and safety reasons, to get groceries and supplies, for certain outdoor activities, and to care for others."

As a federal employee, I am still required to work. We are called "essential staff". They have given us new guidelines to follow. I also work in sanitization and it's considered essential staff as well. We have to get our temperature taken everyday. I have to filled out an emergency health form and make sure I am healthy enough to work. If not I am even sent home for 14 days.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer is working around the clock with FEMA and the White House to make sure michiganders get the personal protective equipment needed to keep us safe.

I know this a stressful time for everyone but like the Governor said we need to come together. Everybody verses COVID-19.


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