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Coronavirus Protests

I'm scrolling through Reddit, as one does, and I come across a video in r/PublicFreakout. This guy's going around interviewing people in California who are protesting the Stay-at-Home order, and COVID-19.

I have to say, I'm not shocked how people are reacting. I do not agree with these protests. But he we have a ton of Americans screaming about freedom and how they feel enslaved because they have to stay at home due to a global crisis.

I'm absolutely sure that if these people get the coronavirus, they'd be changing their mind quick. Especially the guy that's actually asking people to cough on him.

There is a woman in the video talking about how her sick children are in the car, and she's out protesting on their behalf. They can't come out - not because they're sick and more likely to catch the coronavirus - but because they can't be around everyone's cell phone. You know, because of 5G.

I love conspiracy theories, I do, but this nonsense about 5G causing people to get sick or causing the pandemic is pathetic. There's nothing to back this up beyond Facebook mom groups who are already discredited because they're flatearthers and anti-vax.

Photo Credit: Irfan Khan/Los Angeles Times

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