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Coronavirus Movie

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

We make movies out of literally anything. Tons of historical events have been made into movies, and not just documentaries. No, we got some weird, action, horror, thriller, comedy movies about tons of events. We're still making Holocaust movies.

I have absolutely no doubt that eventually, there will be tons of movies on the coronavirus. I guarantee that there's going to be a zombie movie surrounding it. But of course, after the documentary, there will be a more historically accurate movie.

Of course, Dr. Anthony Fauci said he wanted Brad Pitt to play him on the Saturday Night Live skit that aired April 11. Okay, sure, Brad Pitt could play Fauci in the future coronavirus movie. I personally think that Josh Pais would make a great Fauci. They even kind of look alike.

Shout out to the SNL sketch where Alec Baldwin played Trump. I stand by that one. But I would be open to Danny DeVito just because it would so absolutely hilarious.

I've been thinking about who'd play Mike Pence in a coronavirus movie, and I'm stuck between Ed Harris, Dean Norris and Robert Duvall.

What about you? Who would you see playing key players in a coronavirus movie?

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