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Coronavirus Conspiracies

We've been hearing crazy and countless conspiracy theories for decades. Bush did 9/11. World leaders like Queen Elizabeth and the Clintons are actually shapeshifting lizards. Aliens built the pyramids.

Of course, the coronavirus pandemic brought on it's own conspiracies. One of these conspiracies is that the coronavirus is either a cover-up for or was caused by 5G. There are people who believe that the coronavirus is just a huge cover-up to allow deployment of 5G network towers, that are the "real" cause for virus deaths.

Apparently, these conspiracists think that through a coronavirus vaccine, the government will be able to have access to your location and information through some chip that is in the vaccine - you know, the vaccine that hasn't been developed yet.

So, they're also anti-vaxxers. The anti-vaxx movement has gotten seriously out of hand. A Facebook post from April 17 states that the poster is against quarantine, vaccination or wearing a mask because they don't care about anyone else.

Anti-vaxx conspiracy theories on Facebook Mom Groups are one thing, but there's more. The Bill Gates conspiracy theory that he and the government are forcing vaccines by creating the coronavirus.

This conspiracy comes from none other than InfoWars, a far-right American conspiracy theory and fake news website owned by Alex Jones. But far too many people are taking these theories as truth.

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