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Corona Cravings

You ever just get a weird craving for a milkshake? Or maybe it's been awhile since you've had cold soba and could really go for some right about now.

With the stay-at-home order going on, I've had some serious cravings for so many different foods that I have no access to right now.

I tried ordering Dr. Pepper or Cherry Coke online, but it's either not available or way too expensive. It sucks that I can't get ahold of either of those two, because I'm craving them so much. My favorite kind of chips is Uglies Salt & Vinegar, but they are so expensive online! I used to get a bag at Sheetz for a few dollars.

I want to say the reason I have these cravings is simply because I can't get them whenever I want now. I used to basically live at Sheetz during the semester. On the way to class, I'd stop and grab a coffee. I'd eat lunch or dinner there. I stop for a slushie and some snacks.

I understand why a lot of people are getting antsy being locked in all the time. It's hard, and not everyone has access to a yard to walk around in. It also sucks not being able to get food and drinks whenever you want.

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