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Companies that Care

Everyone is surely getting stir-crazy, sitting around at home itching to go out and see our friends. But, we can't - or shouldn't. We really need to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Thankfully, many companies are helping out their consumers by offering something free, providing extra help, or increasing functionality of something to better fit the quarantine life.

I've noticed this quite a lot while going through my everyday routines. My phone provider gave me 20 gigs of data for free. Comcast is offering higher internet speeds at no extra cost. And before you judge, yes I still play Candy Crush. It's always been a good way for me to kill some time. I opened up the app, and was informed that King will be offering 24 hours of infinity lives every day. Great! That means when it takes me 77 tries to beat one level, I don't have to sit and wait forever to build up my lives.

My favorite thing to happen, though, is everything that Niantic is doing for Pokémon Go trainers. At first, pokeballs were available in the store for only one coin; pokestops started giving out gifts at a higher rate and; eggs took half the time to hatch.

However, as the quarantine became more widespread and the government is taking more action to ensure that people stay inside, Niantic responded with another idea: raids from home.

While the feature is not available yet, Pokémon Go will soon have a function that allows players to group with others for raid battles - as long as you have a pokeball. It will also be able to track your steps while you're indoors, doing something as simple as cleaning your house. This way, you can work on hatching eggs you get from friends, build your friendship with your buddy and gain candy.

I am sure there are many other companies that are helping during this pandemic, and we consumers are grateful for everything that you are doing.

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