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Companies Go Against Trump’s Order to Stop Providing Masks to Foreign Countries

The 3M Company, whos global output rate previously came to 100 million respirators per month, has been recently restricted to only providing for the U.S. The restriction came from President Trump who is utilizing the Defense Production Act. The company provides medical equipment to parts of Latin America as well as Canada.

The company has never proven to be unethical, and they certainly are not going to start now. In recent press, they’ve announced they have no plan to stop sending supplies out of the country. 3M has done a tremendous job at stepping up. They predict they will produce 50 million respirators in June for the U.S. alone. They are working as fast as they can, providing most of their supplies to the U.S. 3M has received a lot of support from related businesses and continue to be confident in their decision to help everyone they can.

U.S. cases have increased to 200,000. Canadian cases are at 12,500. Brazil numbers are 9,000 and Mexico reports 1,500. The Minnesota based company recognizes the importance of supplying the U.S. but will not overlook the value of every human life.

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