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Community members react to Conor Dwyer Reynolds' sexual harassment claims

In May, the Police Accountability Board placed Executive Director Conor Dwyer Reynolds on administrative leave. At that time, details of his departure were not made public. Now, we are learning about the salacious details of his sexual harassment claims and the reactions from community members.

On Tuesday, Reynolds published an online essay detailing claims of sexual harassment. Reynolds claimed, "Shani began sexually harassing me days after I started this job. On October 22, 2020, after learning I was bisexual, she told me I was a “unicorn” and that she found me attractive."

Twitter user Kimberly @KimberlyRRadio tweeted, "@Shani_Wilson You called @RochesterPAB executive director Conor Reynolds's a "unicorn" and said you wanted to have sex with him...

allegedly. Freaky minds just wanna know if you've ever had sex with a unicorn lololol and what was it like😌

Reynolds continued, "Weeks later, on November 20, she came to my house at night, attempted to get me inebriated (I do not drink), told me she had feelings for me, and asked me to sleep with her. When I rejected her repeated advances, Shani used the power she holds over me at the PAB to punish me."

Twitter user Ty Bryant @BrotherTy_ tweeted, "While the investigation goes on, we should call on City Council to remove PAB Chair Shani Wilson." Twitter user Mary63 @Bluesysun63 tweeted, "PAB needs to remove unethical Shani Wilson from its board."

Reynolds' issues with Wilson and other colleagues may be the REAL reason for his administrative leave. According to Rochester City Paper, Associate General Counsel Chenoa Maye filed a complaint with the city and the state Division of Human Rights. Maye accused Reynolds and board member Bob Harrison of harassment and racial discrimination. The report also states a lawyer for the Police Accountability Board claimed the work environment at the nascent agency was “overwhelmed by confusion, tension, and paranoia” fostered by the organization’s executive director, Conor Dwyer Reynolds.

Democrat and Chronicle reported that PAB's Chair Shani Wilson released the following statement in an email:

Mr. Dwyer-Reynolds have made allegations against me that are unequivocally false. I am cooperating with the investigation and am confident these retaliatory efforts will not impede the PAB’s progress in moving forward. I expect all findings to be made public as our community deserves transparency and accountability.

I have been the volunteer chairperson of the Police Accountability Board for more than two years. During that time, we worked to launch PAB despite major obstacles which included an initial lack of funding and institutional support. Despite the obstacles we have encountered, I am proud of what we have accomplished and the team we have assembled to do people’s work. I will continue to work with the board, City Council, and the staff to make sure Rochester has a highly-functioning agency.

Story developing...

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