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Community Justice Initiative Demands Change, Second Man Dead, Rumors Swirl of Proud Boys Link

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

The name of a man killed by officers of the Rochester Police Department has not been released. 13Wham is reporting the man threatened officers outside of the Open Door Mission with a knife.

The chaos ensued around 3 a.m. when police responded to a man with a knife. Upon arrival, police claimed at least one shot was fired when the man reached for one of the officers' tasers. Unfortunately, the victim was pronounced dead at Strong Memorial Hospital a short time later.

Now, the community is placing the police-involved shooting under a microscope. Organizers of the Community Justice Initiative are demanding change. The group has scheduled a press conference today at 3:00 p.m. that will take place at 45 Exchange Blvd, on the 7th Floor. The Community Justice Initiative has listed the following as goal they desire to accomplish after the conference:

1. Enhancement of PIC/Dispatch Call Interactions. Allowing them to be notified of all mental moments preventing use of lethal force. Eliminate Officer discretion in calling PIC Team.

2. Public Transparency of Elected Officials relative to PIC Team/FIT Team.

3. Release of Body Worn Cameras.

4. City Council to Reallocate $10 Million from RPD to expand SOY (Save our Youth-Action for a Better Community) team or other efforts for the community to police itself.

5. Termination of cops at scene.

6. Mandatory monthly training of officers on non-lethal use of force as well as identifying mental health moments.

Outrage from local community groups has grown louder over the last year. The Rochester Police Department has received mounting complaints of excessive force. The department released body-camera footage that depicts Black children handcuffed and pepper-sprayed and a Black man killed by officers as rumors of a connection to White Supremacy increases.

Sources are claiming several officers from the Rochester Police department met with members of the Proud Boys. According to unverified sources, during summer protests officers, met with the White Supremacist group behind the Public Safety Building.

There have been reports of the Proud Boys having a connection to Rochester. Rochester resident, Dominic Pezzola who is an alleged member of the group, was arrested for his participation in the Capitol Hill riots. Pezzola connection, if any to the Rochester Police Department should raise a high level of concern and force a full investigation. Could the Proud Boys be officers in the Rochester Police Department? If the Proud Boys are running rampant within the RPD, how safe is our community?

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