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This post really stood out to me because I’ve had to deal with this on many occasions between friendships and relationships, mainly relationships. Sometimes not having the closure is for the best. It protects your heart and soul. We all want to know the what if after something stops abruptly, but why? Sometimes that other person doesn’t even know why they stopped loving you or stopped caring about you. Sometimes it was only meant to be a temporary thing. Everything isn’t permanent. Everything is not meant to be.

I felt like this about a guy I was seeing and I always wondered why. I was in love with him at some point but I knew deep down it wasn’t meant to be. It was years before I saw him again and the spark instantly came back, but it quickly fizzled. The passion was there but that’s all it was: passion. Incidences kept getting in the way of us moving forward but it was for all good reason: it was wrong in the first place. Never should’ve happened.

The separation and sudden loss of contact was intentional. He knew he wasn’t the one for me and I wasn’t the one for him. He knew that it would hurt me but stringing me along would hurt more. I’m glad nothing went any further after our last encounter because it wouldn’t have worked out. He’s doing him and I’m doing me. That’s all the closure I needed.

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