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Devi Brown is dropping gems as she motivates women of color everywhere to build a more intentional and fulfilling life. The author of the bestselling book Crystal Bliss, Brown explains the role of taking action with intuition and meditating has impacted her life. Devi is a multi-faceted storyteller with roots in Hip Hop and metaphysics. Brown takes viewers on her personal journey which includes a start in hosting daily broadcast programs on Radio One, iHeartMedia, MTV and Sirius XM to transitioning into becoming a Deepak Chopra certified Vedic meditation instructor and Spiritual Psychology Practitioner. Brown is the founder of Karma Bliss, a self-discovery company dedicated to the advancement of women of color. In this episode, Brown explains why saying "No" was one of the best way to set boundaries that led to her personal evolution.


Multi-platinum, Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, actress, and humanitarian Estelle Fanta Swaray chronicles her life in lyrics. Known simply as "Estelle", for her eclectic mix of various musical genre and chart-topping collaborations with Kanye West on the single "American Boy," and David Guetta in "One Love" in addition to a long list of notable recording artists. Since 2013, she's voiced the fictional character Garnet in the animated TV series Steven Universe in which she provides the vocals for the character "Garnet" in numerous songs. In this episode, Estelle shares her journey of growing up in the UK, making her way to the US as a singer/songwriter, starting ventures in fashion and acting. Estelle also shares a message of philanthropy as she opens up about her foundation "All of Me," which provides grants, college scholarships, and opportunities abroad.

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