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City Council At-Large Candidate MIQUEL POWELL Reacts to 9 Year Old Girl Arrested & Pepper-sprayed

City Council at-large candidate Miquel Powell released the following statement regarding a 9-year-old girl pepper-sprayed by police on January 29, "After watching the video of the arrest and macing of a 9-year-old child by the RPD I found it both disturbing and uncalled for. This incident reinforces historical abuse on Black communities by white police officers. I fear that if this behavior by the Rochester Police Department continues in this manner by continuously gaining national attention due to police murder and brutality of Black citizens- history will be repeated in a form reminiscent of the 1964 riots on Joseph Avenue. I implore the Mayor and City Council to take swift action in not only firing the officers who assaulted the nine year child but to also take Mike Mazzeo up on his offer to immediately change RPD policy and protocols. We have to call his bluff. I view this as an urgent, vital task that is more important than any incumbent campaign for re-election." - MIQUEL POWELL

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