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Chicago, The Windy City

I have never flew to Chicago however took a bus or car. I can just tell the difference when I get into the city. Whether it's summer or winter, the wind blows constantly off Lake Michigan this is why I thought the nickname "Windy City" stuck to this city. Some sources say the nickname came from a political standpoint.

I visited Chicago a few times. I remember going downtown and seeing all the tall skyscrapers, museums and art. I also had to get the famous Chicago-style deep dish pizza Chicago is known for.Our former president Barack Obama was the senator of Illinois from 1997-2004 and also was a lawyer prior to becoming senator.

Chicago is the largest city in the midwest. It has another nickname as "Second City", ranking second to New York. This is where they get their slogan, "Second to None."

Many great sports players and sport teams from Chicago: Micheal Jordan & Scottie Pippen (Chicago Bulls), Jantel Lavender (Chicago Sky of WNBA), Chicago Cubs, Stan Mikita & Tony Esposito (Chicago Blackhawks), Chicago White Sox, and Chicago Bears.

I do plan to visit the Windy City again and continue to enrich myself in their culture.

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