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Cheapest Wines and Where to Find Them!

If you are asking yourself if I just did a play on the title “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” you are absolutely right. I saw my shot and I took it. I have no regrets. Okay, let’s be honest, I’m on a budget at the moment. Okay, fine, most everyone is. I know, I know, 2020 has knocked a lot of people down. It’s done some awful things. But I am here to complain about my wine budget. Just let me be petty, okay, it’s all I have at the moment.

For me, if a bottle of wine, the normal size, costs over $5, I’m out. For holidays, birthdays, or fancy occasions, I’ll splurge and get something around $7. $8 is pushing it. $9, what, did you find some money whilst cleaning? $10? Ha, ha, okay Beyoncé.

I know what you are thinking. The cheaper the wine, the more like feet it tastes like. Well, not true. Yes, I find the occasional bottle that probably tastes like what Rachel’s meat trifle tasted like to Ross. For the most part, they taste like how the meat trifle tasted to Joey. Just because it’s cheap does not mean it is gross! I wouldn’t drink it if it really tasted that bad. So, where do I find this magical unicorn knock-off derived wine? Well, just Kroger or Target. Now I’m going to break it down by each store.

Target. Yes, we all know Target is the fancy Walmart. You have to actually look in the mirror before leaving to go. Well, you did before masks gave you this wonderful opportunity to be a little less caring about your appearance since no one can make out who you are anyway. But, if you are looking for affordable wine, with a decent selection, then go to Target. They have a deal where you only need to buy 4 bottles to get 10% off. Then you can still get the additional 5% off if you use your RedCard. They usually have bottles starting at $4.50. So you can get 4 bottles for under $15.50. Not a bad deal! I will say that their Target brand wine, Roots, is not bad at all and is only $5 a bottle! I’m to the point where I like the twist top better (do not judge, I just like it) and most of the Target line is twist top.

Now, Kroger. I will admit that I didn’t really get my wine at Kroger until recently. I hadn’t even been down the wine aisle. But Kroger is, hands down, the better deal if you are looking to get enough wine to last you awhile. here I can find decent wine, good even, that starts at $2.99. Now, in order to get the 15% off deal, you have to buy 6 bottles. But okay, so at that price you are getting a full case of wine for just over $16. That is really, really, really good! Now I have scaled back the wine consumption because of COVID and not wanting to get too crazy, so that will last me at least 2 weeks. Usually 3 weeks. That first week of homeschool should not be counted against me. Then the next week was my birthday week so that’s off of the table too.

As far as brands and taste goes, like I said, Target’s brand Roots is a very safe bet. There’s only one I really don’t like and it’s the Pinot Grigio, but I’m not a huge fan of those anyway. Their Sangria, Rose, Red Blend, and Moscato are all delicious. But the other brand I buy a lot at Target is Beringer. I haven’t found one I don’t like, so just grab them all. They are only $4.49 and are the cheapest I’ve found there.

Now Kroger has Target beat on the prices. First of all, Kroger actually does sales on wine frequently, so be sure to check their app for the most up to date prices. They usually have one or two brands that are only $2.99. This week it’s Bay Bridge, which is super close to Beringer for me, so I like them a lot. Barefoot is another one that is pretty safe, and they have it for $5 right now. Beringer is on sale at Kroger for only $3.99. So, a lot of great deals, which then when you buy 6 you get the additional 15% off. Also, the selection at Kroger puts Target’s to shame. For me it’s easier to get my wine at Target logistically, but Kroger is where I go to stock up since it’s the most cost efficient.

Now, no, I haven’t been to Costco, Aldi, or any of those other club stores to see what their deals are. I just don’t shop there. I’ve been saying I’m going to try them, and, well, it’s been 10 years so I think we can safely say that’s not going to happen.

There you have it folks, my short, hopefully user-friendly guide to finding cheap, but good tasting wine if you are on a budget like me. If you are, however, in the mood or mindset to splurge and get a bit fancy with your wine, I would suggest Ménage a Trois or Apothic. Those are the ones I get for my birthday or something special.

So now you are armed with the knowledge that will enable you to fill up your wine rack. Go and see what wines await you in those aisles! I’ve taught you all I know thus far. You should be well prepared to get your wine on. If you find any better deals, you had better let me know though!

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