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Can They Survive Round 2?

I love both of these women and their raunchiness. We need more female rappers like this. Male rappers have been talking like this forever and Lil Kim was the first to flip it for us. But with all the competition out here and with them both being new and upcoming artists, do they have what it takes to make a second hit album?

A lot of artists make banger debuts, but when it comes to their sophomore albums and beyond, they can be hit or miss. Since you’re fresh on the map and have been boosted on all platforms, it’s only natural that your album or maybe just your singles do wonders. But how do you keep that momentum for your next consecutive albums? How do you keep your audience wanting more? If your next one goes bad, your fan base drops a little because they would expect another banger like before. But it’s not easy to keep up.

I feel most artists speak on what they experience, so that means they put their heart and soul into their projects. If they lose that fire or get pressured by their label to put out another hit ASAP, they might just throw something together just to get them off their backs. That’s not good for them or their careers because they’re not focused. A true artist will take their time and make sure everything is perfect and a definite hit. I know there are some that can make an entire album in a day and make it slap; others take weeks, months, maybe even years, but they want to make sure that their fans are happy with the results. They want that next club banger and summer banger. I have a few artists that I loved when they first came out and then their next few albums were sub-par. Sometimes I would have to go back and listen to it again to make sure I wasn’t tripping because I would hate it that much. Beyonce’ was a prime example.


She’s one of my favorites, but her 2013 self-titled Beyonce’ and 2016 Lemonade took some time to grow on me. And honestly the only reason I was intrigued to listen to Lemonade was because of the promotional video/mini movie on HBO. Plus, the album came with a DVD of the videos. That’s great marketing! She did the same thing with Beyonce’ 2013 as far as adding a DVD of videos.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is another one. Her last 2-3 albums I couldn’t get with. Certain songs, maybe, but not the entire thing. When she first came out, I was head over heels in love with her music. Now, I just can’t relate to it anymore.

Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole is another one. I definitely can relate to all her music, especially her The Way It Is, Just Like You, and Calling All Hearts albums. The other ones have a few joints that I like but for the most part I can’t get with them.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is another one of my favorite female rappers with pure raunchiness but she had some not so hot ones too, mostly individual songs and not albums. She might be one in a few where I can actually enjoy the whole thing without doing too much skipping.

Cardi B’s album did wonders and I love every single song. Megan thee Stallion has a couple hits I like, but I can’t stand that Hot Girl Summer w/Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla$. It’s not the hit I thought it would be like Big Ol’ Freak and Cash S**t w/Da Baby. Those are my personal bangers. City Girls is another one. Act Up and Twerk w/Cardi B are definite hoodrat-for-the-moment bangers lol, but I don’t think they’ll have a successful next album.

So like I asked before, can they survive round 2? You decide…..

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