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Join Our Voting Bloc!

Are you willing to fight for what's right?

A voting bloc is a group of voters that are strongly motivated by a specific common concern or group of concerns to the point that such specific concerns tend to dominate their voting patterns, causing them to vote together in elections.

Monroe County Board of Elections reported a low turnout as of 8 p.m. In the City of Rochester, 10.3% of Democratic voters have turned out so far. There are no Republican primary races. 8.8% of Working Family ballots have been cast.

In the various town races, 1.9% of Democrats have voted, 2.6% of Republicans, and 8.9% of Working Family party voters.

Combined for the entire county, 4.8% of Democrats; 1.7% of Republicans and 8.8% of Working Family party voters have voted. That’s about 9,000 voters."

112 juveniles were arrested by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office in stolen cars. 30 have been caught again stealing cars.

2,200+ cars were reported stolen as of June 1, 2023.

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