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“The Galvanizing of Multilateral Efforts for Apathy Eradication, Quality Eradication, Climate Action and Inclusion “was the title of the 74th UN General Assembly at the turn of 2019. Out of 193 countries contributing to the UN and out of the many conflicts arising after several presidential and representative speeches, there broils the debate between the Malaysian sun and the Indian wheel.

It all started when Dr Mohapathir Mohammed, the prime minister of The Democratic People's Republic of Malaysia orated in the 74th UN General Assembly regarding the Jammu-Kashmir conflict that India has occupied Jammu. Of course, flak was caught from just constructive criticism up until words turned to stone pellets. Some of the retweets dismissed Dr Mohammed’s claims that Malaysia itself has far more complex problems than the Jammu-Kashmir conflict and that foreign intervention was unnecessary. But now, tourism also caught an end of the stick where Indians pointed fingers at Malaysia having invested 3.2% of tourists in Malaysia. Indian businesses are now chanted to stop importing palm oil from Malaysia. Malaysia, being a country of middle economy, may risk impoverishment as both Indian and European countries label their products palm-oil free.

On the other hand, others argue that the Malaysian prime minister accompanied his criticized words with: “India and Pakistan should cooperate to find a successful practice or agreement” which teared up the eye of fire. Many agreed to disagree that the main motif of the speech was shown in the beginning that it was to India as a nut was to a screw hole. It was all quoted and subjugated to Malaysia while Dr Mohammed merely used the claim to strengthen his speech and his country’s foreign policies.

What do you think? Shall we boycott Malaysia? Shall we sever hundreds of years of political, touristic, cultural and business ties?

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