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Bob Duffy The Real Puppet Master?

Former Mayor and Police Chief Bob Duffy is rumored to be the puppet master pulling the political strings in Rochester. According to multiple sources, the one-time top dog and Andrew Cuomo’s point man does not hold a political title but still has the juice and allegedly plans to use it this coming mayoral election. Word on the curb is Bob Duffy, who is the current CEO of Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, is planning to throw his support behind employee Adrian Hale in the 2021 election. In the past, Duffy has spoken out against Mayor Lovely Warren after the murder and cover-up of Daniel Prude. Duffy released the following statement via Twitter on Sept 3rd, “Warren blames NY law for keeping Prude case secret. The law doesn't say that”. Duffy went on to release the following longer statement days later:

Could Duffy be mentoring the future mayor to be his mouthpiece? Only time will tell, what we do know about Adrian Hale is he is a former military man, Yale graduate, and advocate with strong ties in the community. The outspoken Ivy league grad has also criticized the mayor for her performance. During a previous interview, Hale is quoted as saying, "Rochester doesn't need a mayor who is concerned with the next office. We need leaders who can deal with the problems of a city that New York Times said is going to be the most adversely affected by Covid."

Adrian has not publicly confirmed if he is running for mayor. According to City Newspaper, back in October, he had not yet filed the required paperwork to create a campaign committee. However, if Adrian does decide to run, his critics believe he may have some trouble obtaining the support of the religious community due to his sexual preference. If elected, he would be the first openly gay man to serve as mayor. His supporters believe, so far he is the only rumored candidate that has the potential to dethrone Warren, with the help of Duffy.

If Adrian does not decide to run, will Duffy have another candidate to replace Warren? So far, the names of hopefuls have yet to be disclosed. We will continue to monitor new information as it is received.

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