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Black Sheep: Why Are They Outsiders? Part 4

First and for most I would like to apologize for the long time between these blogs things have gotten a little hectic these past couple weeks.

So lets dive into this final blog about Black sheep. So why are certain treated badly and what can we do to change this thinking? Well people get treated differently for many reasons and most of these reasons is wrong and very negative. As I said in past posts it can be tied back to bullying.

There are a number of reasons why someone may be a black sheep they may dress differently, have different interests, look different, or may have a troubled past. However none of these reasons are good reasons to bully or leave someone out of an event or gathering or keep them from working their best. Some may say "this person deserves it" or "this person is friends with these people" to try to justify the black sheeping or another common one is "well this person did some bad things in their past and I am not going to help them or accept them." These are excuses and are unacceptable.

I am a believer in respect is earned not given. How can anyone respect anyone if they don't show respect? Simple you can't. You can be nice to everyone but to respect them is to try to understand where they are coming from and listen to their points of view and forgive them for their past. As I have said in the past if you know anyone who is being treated like a black sheep invite for a cup of coffee or lunch or invite them to a family gathering. You may just make a friend or learn something you didn't know about them. And if you are the one black sheeping people I would like you take a step back and think about what that person has been through all these years. Take a walk in their shoes through your mind.

It isn't fair to the people who are trying to change and be better people. Who are you to judge and who gave you permission to treat another human that way? How do you expect people to change if you don't give them the chance to change? Ready for the answers? No one should judge anyone and no one gave anyone permission to treat another human that way. Think back in your life how many chances you had at a company or with family, I bet it was quite a bit so give people a chance to change.

The bottom line is the golden rule. "Treat others the way you yourself want to be treated." if you see a coworker or a fellow student sitting alone day after day why not try to sit with them or have a simple conversation with them or if you know a family member that is struggling reach out to them and see if they need anything even if it's just a conversation or chat. You may just brighten their day or their week. You may even find common ground or interests you didn't know about.

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