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Black history month

Even though they may not be many of us we are still celebrated in the month of February. Despite the face that February is the shortest month in the year, at least we get a month. Black History Month is an annual celebration to embrace African-Americans. It's a way to remember important events and people in history that are black.

Black people including myself, has supported the phrase" my black is beautiful" ( all shades of black).It starts to dissolve self-hate it even touched all the way down to the roots of our hair. Naps were like walking into a tangle lawn of uncut grass to many. However we are starting to accept ourselves the way we are (whether it's straight or kinky hair). Today is only the second day of black history, however through the month besides Mari Gras and Fat Tuesday, Blacks have a sense of dignity in their heritage.

Our roots start back mostly in North Africa. Our descendent were invaded by Trans-Saharan in North Africa. However I took black history in school and was told we came from kings and queens. A sense of royalty we carried with the shade of our skin. Since we originated from royalty our character and the way we treat others should reflect this.

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