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Black Cop Watched Prude’s Murder?

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Rochester police officer Josiah Harris, who is believed to be black, participated in the taunting of Daniel Prude, a black man murdered in police custody. Josiah’s actions or inaction, forces us to ask the question, does race matters when policing communities of color? Harris is one of the officers suspended for the death of Daniel Prude. According to a Facebook post, officer Harris graduated from Wilson Magnet High School in 2001. On the night of Prude’s murder, according to the police report Harris stated, “Prude was handcuffed and layed naked in the middle of the street, in front of the above location (435 Jefferson Ave).

While officers were waiting for the arrival of AMR, Prude began to state that he wanted to take an officers gun and attempted to get off the ground and come toward officers. Prude was controlled by officers.” Below is video footage of what actually happened when Officer Harris came on the scene. Do you think his statement is a clear depiction of what the video shows?

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