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Better Off

We often fall in love with the idea of someone rather than paying attention to what they show us. We’ve all been that person. You know, the one who saw someone’s potential and thought you could change them [for the better] at some point in life. We tend to ignore the red flags because we’re in love with that person’s potential to be a better person. 

When someone shows you their true colors, you’re supposed to believe them, but instead most of us think it’s “cute,” “they love me,” “it’s just this one time, it won’t happen again,” and honestly that’s where we start selling ourselves short and push a little piece of ourselves under the rug. If we started putting our peace and standards first, then we wouldn’t get hurt so often. I’m not saying you’ll never get hurt again, but at least you’ll have control over who does. You’ll be able to point out the bad apples.

Take people for who they are and ask yourself if what they have going on, aligns with what you want and know you deserve. Be able to accept that there will be people who don’t meet your requirements and that’s alright. Treat them accordingly and don’t dumb yourself down for them. PERIOD.

I’ve gotten to a point in my life where if they are negative, close-minded, or toxic, then they have to go. They serve no purpose in my life, but to throw me off track. At first, it may be hard to let them go because of the history you may have with them, but if they aren’t supporting you or contributing to your happiness, then what purpose in your life do they serve?

Not everyone wants what’s best for you or wants to see you happy, living your best life, but you have to accept them for who they are and who they show you.  Keep it moving. Remember, misery loves company and people will want you to be happy until it’s time for you to be happy.  Sometimes you’re just better off without them. #loveyourself #single #neversettle #love #dating #movingon #growth #acceptance #nobodysfool #liveyourbestlife #happiness #youdeserve #breakups #heartbreak

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