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Before Time.

Time has been around since the presence of the Earth ever existed. So what about Before Time? What was around when we did not see stars in the sky, were the planets at reach? What was here on Earth before the Dinosaurs, and different things. What would it have been like to see, hear or feel the Earth at that time, Before Time?

Hypothesis's of Before Time.

How did Earth form, was it from fire? To create a civilization of animals, humans, air, and plants. To breed, eat, sleep, have feelings, emotions, heart, love, sight, smell, touch. We know that it all could not just form on its own? Not even overtime, it would be inhumanly possible for a human to create what we have already in our hearts, mind, and body!

Humans have had to come from something mind blowing, something not man made, something Godly!

2,000 Years ago a God-Man named Jesus Christ told us everything. And he was killed for it. Over the years Presidents have been taking pieces of the Bible, and putting it with their own words. So how are we to know the truth of anything! Well bend your head up at the sky at night, and ask yourself, who created the stars? Who created the planets? Who made the air we breath? Who made the world? It is a very difficult questions, how did it intertwine to make everything fit for Humans, and Animals?

How did everything fit perfectly?

We may Never Know how everything fit so perfect, and right. Scientists are always coming up with something new, but in turn you cannot spell spirituality with a Scientist.

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