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Baseball's New Normal- Will 2020 Baseball Make It To October Against COVID-19?

Back in early July, Aaron Boone spoke a little bit to the media about the key players who were then coming back from injuries. While he was speaking about how guys like Clint Frazier, Jonathan Loisaiga and Masahiro Tanaka were progressing; the conversation eventually turned to the coronavirus and safety guidelines.

The issue was then brought up by Kristie Ackert of the New York Daily News, when asked Boone to follow up on last night and give some clarification on how the team is using the baseball. Boone responded by giving a breakdown on how he and his club are taking extra COVID-19 precautions. As far as my opinion, I think the Yankees are taking the right steps, and I am not just saying that because I am a long-time Yankee fan.

Boone told Ackert, “So…it is absolutely discouraged to throw the ball around, but I think there is a bit of discretion with throwing the baseball around….” I always wondered, with this new way of life, “Teams that have to use balls for a long durations, how will they take precautions to play full length games?” I think Boone cleared that up for me, when he went further into details with his response to the New York Daily News reporter. Boone detailed that, “…You know if a number of guys handle a ball over a course of play…that ball is typically thrown out…” I got to say, I like that course of action and it is great to know that it has been going on before this COVID period. As a matter fact, the Yankee manager made it a point to say “…you watch any game now, balls get thrown out…Pre-COVID, balls get thrown out pretty quickly anyways…”

With all that has been going on, the virus has managed to spread all across the global and with that said, it has hit the sports world hard. From basketball to baseball, and other sports, the coronavirus has managed to mess up everyone’s routines. If you have been keeping up with the news, then you know that a growing number of athletes across each of the sports have concerns. The initial plan to start up sporting events again entailed a plan to have empty bleaches. Even with that plan in affect, we have seen the virus

In the end, I take what Boone said as a good sign that baseball will be one of the sports that will progress this year. I don’t want to get my hopes to high, or anyone else’s, but if the Yankees are taking such tight precautions, my hope is that the rest of baseball is doing the same. This year’s baseball has me on edge, as I am sure it has everyone feeling the same way, but hearing Aaron Boone in the press conference has to ease everyone’s uncertainties. At least, I know I am not as nervous as I was before Boone made his statements yesterday. Quite frankly, that is the only reason why I would like to believe that baseball will have prominent outlook in this year’s championship run.

Let me make something clear though, despite what I or anybody else believes, the following question still needs to be answer: "Is playing baseball in 2020 really worth it?"

I get it, we all need some entertainment in our lives, but is it worth it in 2020? The world of sports is doing its best to bring back games to fans, but I am not 100% sure that it is worth doing. Why? Well, I will give you my reasons:

No doubt, I want to see baseball games and I was waiting to see the New York Yankees compete this year, but how could that be possible with COVID-19? All across the sports world, athletes are contracting the virus, and the players who are healthy are deciding to opt-out from this year’s season. How could there be any professional games played, when there is an invisible opponent that is looking to remain number on the medical charts?

Forget politics and business, I believe humanity is worth more. I don’t see one team or a single athlete benefiting from playing a sport this season. First off, looking at baseball specifically, the virus seems to be making itself known. It has attacked key players on various teams. Secondly, like I mentioned the guys who have good health are deciding to step away from the word of sports.

With those two scenarios, you tell me how will any of sport teams be able to play at their full capability?

The answer is, “They CAN’T. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!” The sports world needs to be closed. Yes, I am aware of financial measures that will be hit, but would you rather work in environments that may serve as a petri dish for the virus or stay safe in quarantine? Which option are you going to choose?

Baseball, as well as any other sport, can’t be played while the virus is drastically spreading worldwide. It doesn’t make sense. In recent news, we saw Aroldis Chapman, who was getting jacked in quarantine, go down because of the corona pandemic. We also saw Mookie Betts (click on the Mookie Betts link to get the latest on what going on with him), who recently traded in his Red Sox uniform for a Dodgers uniform, say that he is considering to op-out of this season. While one player was directly impacted, another was indirectly hit. Those are just two figures that baseball could be losing due to this pandemically-fractured season. Even in more recent news Salvador Perez said he is asymptomatic after testing positive for the virus. Also, Buster Posey made the decision to walk away from this year’s baseball to protect his recently adopted twin girls. Whether teams are impacted directly or indirectly by the pandemic, I believe it isn’t safe for the players and staff to carry out this season. At the end of the day, everyone in the sports world has families and friends.

It just isn’t safe to carry out the baseball season or any other sport in 2020.

With so many star players not on the fields or arenas, what is the point to a 2020 season? Also, I know one thing is for sure, I don’t want to see a basketball or a baseball game, if it means that guys are just playing for business purpose. No one should have to play professional sports or work in an unstable environment. It just isn’t worth having to live with the guilt of knowingly or unknowingly circulating this virus. Although I am getting enjoyment from the sights and sounds of baseballs connecting with the 1st place Yankee bats for paramount homers, I would rather know that all the athletes and their families are healthy and safe from this global pandemic.

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