Baby Boomers, You've Been Robbed

Congress perpetrated a grand theft, yet most baby boomers remain unaware of their peril. For all their productive lives, American workers paid faithfully into a government-run insurance program we fondly call Social Security. Designed to be a fail-safe for retiring Americans, that goal suffered an untimely demise when accumulated trillions was robbed by Congress. Baby boomers, you've been had.

At the advice of Alan Greenspan (back in the 1980's), the Social Security surplus was quietly shifted on paper to other columns, thereby balancing the budget. The slight of hand was handled so quietly, so skillfully, that few realized they'd been robbed. Up until that time, a gentleman's agreement afforded American workers the benefit of saving their retirement funds, held and protected by the federal government. Talk about the fox guarding the hen house! Before that time Social Security was never considered an entitlement, such a dirty little word. Coincidentally, since that time, political pundits currying mass favor added the new moniker, with the advice of slashing the "entitlement" to free up money for more sympathetic voters and to eliminate any obligation of paying back their debt. Suddenly we're a burden...yeah, because they stole our money!

We understand Congress prefers spending money to repaying their debts. That's a solid given. However, the American public cannot earn enough money nor pay enough taxes to satisfy a spendthrift Congress promising a free everything in exchange for votes. In the wake of recent Democratic debates we heard many rallying cries: free healthcare for all, free college educations, debt forgiveness, and a host of other freebies. It left the mind-boggling conclusion that these irresponsible candidates, all members of Congress, will give away their souls and our futures to secure the highest office in the land. And there isn't enough money to satisfy them.

Not enough money? No problem, they say. We'll just print more paper, leading to spiraling inflation and some foreign entity eventually foreclosing on their loan. Baby boomers, you've been the first sacrifice on the altar of let's buy votes, but you won't be the last. If these thieves get their way, we'll soon be a socialist nation and the days of our republic will be numbered. You've rocked your world since the time you were born and it's time to do it again. Baby boomers, take action: sue the government for repayment of stolen funds, and demand a responsible budget. If you ran your households the way Congress runs our country, you'd be thrown in jail for larceny, writing bad checks, and collusion in committing fraud. But wait. Those were your representatives stealing money, writing bad checks and colluding to commit fraud, and they operate above the law. Wise up, boomers! Take back what is rightfully yours, because you've been had.

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