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At First Glance.

Seeing things that are highly emotional, that are jam-packed with overflowing feelings. That are weird yet awkward in sight. When you see these things it makes you feel different, and not normal. What is it? Why do we feel such a strong emotion towards a different sight, for example, a color, an animal, a person, a fight, a favorite food.

What do you feel?

It all starts when we are young, and learning different things. How our mind processes information provided by mother, and father. How when you were young, and did things with your personality. How we learned from experiences, thoughts, and ideas. How we learned, and grew up in our environment. It always stays with us, making feelings are own.

Everyone has messengers in your body, and mind. That you control, and makes it so thoughts can make you feel a different way. To happiness, and madness in seconds. But you know you can change it. By letting yourself heal, and be in joy. Or to let anger get to you, and let it consume yourself. We we look around we see the world as we see, and feel are own personality. You are you, and you see what you see.

You Are who You Are

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