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Are you a Disney Princess???

We all know the story of the Disney princess. A poor, un-entitled girl falls in love with a prince, becomes a princess through marriage to meet her happily-ever-after! As a child of the 90's, I grew up having this kind of media pushed down my throat (as many of us did). The real question is, can YOU find true love? Are you a Disney princess? Can YOU find your happily-ever-after?

This blog will offend thousands. Because guess what...every woman is a Disney princess. You are a warrior, just like Mulan. You are a go-geter, just like Tiana. You are a wayfarer, just like Ariel. And you can over-come any obstacle, just like Pocahontas.

The story of every Disney princess movie is that the girl has to go through an adventure to find true love. Now pretend that the adventure which a Disney princess has to endure is life. Life has many bumps and turns. The truth is DO have to go on an adventure with a boy in order to fall in love, and for him to fall in love with you. True love is not found in one-night-stands (though I'm not going to lie; I have had many.)

Consider the T.V. show "How I Met Your Mother." Robin dates Ted, and then breaks up with him. Then they get back together, and then break up. Then they go on adventures, he wins her heart again...and yet they break up once again.

We all know the timeless classic "Fifty First Dates." It is only in her illness that they boy falls in love with the girl.

Like the "Little Mermaid," it's that random moments that hits the spot. Like the song goes, "There you see her/sitting there across the way/She don't got a lot to say, but there's something about her." Maybe the boat-ride is making Prince Edward sick to his stomach, or maybe it's the fact that this girl has legs. Nonetheless, the scene is romantic. Don't let the movies fool real life, it's not a romantic scene. It's that time years later when Robin runs into Ted again. When the tough gets going, the going gets tough.

Like my mom always told me, luck with when opportunity meets hard work. Hang in there's life's little moments that impact us the most. No gown required!

It's not the way you did your make-up that date-night, or the fact that you lost 10 pounds, or even when you finally connect. Guys are ticking bombs...we already know that!

The show is called "The Days of Our Loves" for a reason. It could be when you bump back into each other. Or when he realizes how funny you are. Or even like Ariel, the mystery behind your silence.

Guys like fights. They like to conquer. They like to win. They like to punch each other in the face.

A lot of people think that Disney princess movies are a bad influence; you have to be teeny weeny thin, have fabulous hair and be freakin' Beyonce. It's like they don't even watch the movie...all the stuff in-between.

I'm going to venture out (like the Disney princesses always do) and disagree. You can't fight for will find you. Fight for life. Because life is the adventure. Don't miss out on every moment, every minute and memory fighting for something that you don't have. Even bad memories seem memorable for a reason...they are part of an adventure. Plus, who doesn't want to compare their everyday struggles to defeating an entire Hun army. We all wish we were the badass, but guess what...we just might be!

Remember, Prince Charming makes YOU the princess.

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