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Antiracist Curriculum Project

By: League of Women Voters of Rochester Metropolitan Area

Shane Wiegand is a 4th-grade teacher in Henrietta. Several years ago, he taught a unit about the civil rights movement. The kids in his class wanted to know if things “like that” happened in Rochester. He had to say he didn’t know, but he set out to find out and over the next few years he learned about how federal and local policies like redlining, racially restrictive covenants, blackface minstrel shows, and urban renewal segregated Rochester, built wealth for its white citizens, and disenfranchised people of color. He developed a curriculum about all of that as well as how local civil rights leaders like Howard Coles, Dr. Alice Holloway Young, Constance Mitchell, and many others fought back. This curriculum, initially developed for Henrietta is now being used across Monroe County.

About the Antiracist Curriculum Project:

The Antiracist Curriculum Project team is committed to empower students, educators, and communities with instructional resources about their local history of racism and civil rights. The team works to cultivate more informed and engaged community members to build a more just and equitable society. The Antiracist Curriculum Project is generously hosted by PathStone.

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