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An Open Wound

I was broken

You cut me deep and left me open

You gave up on me

You checked out and blamed me

You didn’t protect me

I thought I gave you everything

I was loyal

I put you first

I supported you

I loved you

I motivated you

I cared for you

Most importantly, I was there for you

i fought for you

Despite your flaws, I fought for you

But you took the easy route

You left and started fresh

crazy, right?

you say you “Love” me,  but where are you?

You say you can’t live without me

So I ask again, where are you?

You say you’re my friend

A friend?


Friends don’t hurt you 

A friend wouldn’t cut me deep

They wouldn’t abandon me

They would never blatantly disrespect me 

They wouldn’t turn away from me when I need them the most

I would be entitled to my feelings 

I would be appreciated




but instead, you chose to do less

so if we’re being honest, 

no, we aren’t friends

You never loved me

You were in love with the idea of me

If that isn’t the truth, then again, I ask, where are you?

I was genuine and open

Because of you, I protect my heart with everything in me

I protect my space and my energy

I forgave you, but no, no, no, we aren’t friends

You’re just an open wound

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