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America, Really?

Mid April I wrote an article about why we can't reopen yet, and it basically is because Americans are dumb.

Throughout most of March, beaches in Florida's St. Johns County remained open and tons of people flooded the sandy beaches. They immediately forgot about the whole social distancing thing.

Just because it's open, doesn't mean the virus is all gone. COVID-19 is still very much present in America. People are still catching it and people are still dying.

Granted, the beaches are closed again. But they could have probably remained open indefinitely if people hadn't been so stupid. The beaches are closed to everyone, including those to have carefully followed the guidelines set by the CDC in public spaces. And that was a relatively small number of people.

The same goes for protestors who are sick of sitting at home jobless. I get it, but you're making it harder for things to go back to normal, or as normal as can be. If you're going to protest, can you at least continue practicing social distancing and wear a mask? At the bare minimum. It's not that hard.

I'm terrified for America to reopen because I just know that so, so many Americans are going to just go out like there's no longer a deadly virus threatening to kill us all.

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