Ain't Got No Home!

In Levittown, PA, where there is a lot of homelessness, a non-profit wants to build two, three-story apartment buildings on land owned by the Levittown-Fairless Hills Rescue Squad. There is a lot of constructive resistance to the project.

It’s fitting that the proposed affordable housing site is on the rescue squad property. People can be rescued from homelessness. People are homeless for various reasons. Many of the homeless work, but don’t have the upfront money for first and last month’s rent, a security deposit, and various fees. They just need a hand up.

There is a lot of vacant property and structures in the greater Levittown area which could be used for affordable housing.

This isn’t the first time roadblocks were put out to stonewall housing initiatives for the poor. In 2017, Interfaith Housing, a non-profit, which creates affordable housing for poor people in the greater Levittown area proposed buying the closed Maple Shade Elementary School in Bristol Township. Their plan was poo-pooed, just as was my proposal to a county commissioner to use public land to create a homeless camp/village a few years back.

I wonder if the township is going to do the same thing with other closed schools as they did to the historic Sunbury Farms off of Newportville Road. They demolished it! This historic building was structurally sound and just needed a little work to restore the place. People out of work could have easily restored the building, and could have even become guides if it could be turned into a museum.