African Cuisine

If you have never tried African food, and would like to try something new...boy, are you in for a treat! Last week, I went to a new African restaurant that opened in my city. Embarrassingly enough, it was my first time trying African cuisine!

I ordered lamb, tomato stew and my mother ordered chicken, chickpea stew with vegetable-tomato rice. We also got a side of plantains and a side of African bread.

The unusual flavors reminded me of Middle-Eastern and Indian cuisines. The plantains were fried, just like Caribbean food (which I have tried.) The lamb was cut in large pieces with a tomato sauce on top and served with white rice.

Perhaps the highlight of the meal though was the African bread. EXTREMELY buttery and lightly fried.

I live in Denver, which also hosts a "Taste of Africa" event that I have never attended but always wanted to.

The menu also hosted "fufu" dishes, which means anything smashed. The menu also had sticky rice, duck wings, turkey wings, goat, meat soups and stews and rice plates.

I dipped the African bread in my tomato stew, which was very delicious!

I live in Denver, Colorado, which does not host many African restaurants. However, I am definitely sold and want to try the cuisine again!

The restaurant was run by a mother and daughter, both immigrants from Africa.

I was told there would be bread, but I was surprised at how good it was!

Stews and soups are available with different meats, and the rice came in a variety of ways.

Beverage-wise, I had Ethiopian coffee (which was served with sweet, condensed milk) and my mom had an iced ginger drink. The iced ginger-drink was non-alcoholic, and packed with the taste of fresh-grated ginger!

Nonetheless, I will definitely be back for more!

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