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Aesthetic Evening

India is a country of celebrations and festivals reliving its culture and following the tradition from centuries. From eons ago, Ghats by lake are contributing in increasing the beauty of lakes witnessing so many auspicious occasions and are decorated like the heaven on earth during festive seasons. Spectacular vision and such a pious aura was envisaged and implemented by kings of that time. These architectural beauties with significant carvings are adding paramount importance in representing the royal era. Today we will pick one of the most beautiful Ghat of India situated in the heart of city at the bank of Lake Pichola, the very well known Gangaur Ghat which is not only a cynosure but also manifests its presence by serving the most fascinating scenic views. Historic significance and cultural experience can be felt on a its extraordinary strong and pretty entrance that will leave you awestruck. If nature is your valentine then you will definitely fall in love yet again after watching the dwindling of sunlight and upsurge of moon, which will initiate a memerizing process followed by folk music playing on Ravanhatha, an ancient musical instrument. Quietness and profound happiness watching the wave free as wind will make you calm and spellbound. Gangaur Ghat got its name by famous Gangaur festival celebrated every year in Chaitra according to Indian calendar after Holi. It is native festival of Rajasthan of God Shiva and Goddess Parvati. This big day is accompanied by huge mass of people, magnificent pageantry headed by palanquin often known as palki and equipage, imposing performance of local folk artists. So if by any chance you're planning Udaipur, the city of lakes don't miss a chance to visit the vivify location and pious aura of Gangaur Ghat.

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