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Add Howard Eagle to Warren's List of Problems?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Educator and Activist Howard Eagle is piping hot at Mayor Lovely Warren. Warren received a hand-delivered proposal on October 12 regarding action items he believes are vital to our community. However, the mayor has refused to respond to the proposal and that isn’t something Eagle is taking lightly.

It all went down when the mayor appeared at the First Church of God to answer a laundry list of questions from members of the community, activists, and UCLM. At that time, Eagle provided Warren with the proposal on behalf of the Take It Down Planning Committee; Faith Community Alliance Coalition She was expected to review and respond in a timely fashion. However, time continues to tick away without a peep from Warren. Now, Eagle is calling her out.

The educator released the following statement in response to Rev. Lewis Stewart’s support of the mayor and her inaction to take the proposal seriously. “Indeed Mayor Lovely Ann Warren "has chosen not to respond." Like yourself, "we are not going to flip." That is to say, we will NEVER support ANY GOVERNMENTAL OFFICIAL (NO MATTER WHO IT IS) who does not even have the common decency to at least respond to us --- as tax-paying citizens, and supposedly constituents, as well as Black men and women/ Brothers and Sisters, and Christians, which is what you have declared your support is premised upon.

So be it.

The Struggle Continues..., and 2020 IS the year to call everybody out...”

Rev. Lewis Stewart held a news conference on October 15, during that appearance Rev. Stewart stated, “We're not saying that Mayor we support you but that's it. We're saying that we're going to hold you accountable, we're going to hold your feet to the fire. We're going to expect certain things from you.”

Mayor Lovely Warren is facing 2 Class E felonies, an upcoming election, an investigation into the cover-up of Daniel Prude’s murder, and a bunch of protesters ready for war. I’m sure having Howard Eagle on your NECK isn’t something most people desire. Please respond to the proposal, you don’t want this headache.


Proposal to Mayor Lovely Warren, October 12, 2020

Taking Full Advantage of A Critically Important, Historic Opportunity: 

A Proposal to Mayor Lovely Warren, October 12, 2020

"We must shape our children's future so that everyone — black, brown, white, rich, middle-class, or poor — can fully live the promise of tomorrow, the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."     __Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren, June 2020 

"This is an historic moment in Monroe County, and we will not let it pass without consequence. We are here to make lasting changes to our systems that for far too long have perpetuated inequities that disproportionately affect people of color across our community."      __Monroe County Executive Adam Bello, June 2020       

The respective statements above were made at the time that the Commission on Racial And Structural Equity (RASE) was announced publicly, in June 2020. We have closely watched the developmental process regarding RASE (from June until present) and believe there are fundamental flaws that must be corrected, that is, if the Commission is to be successful. Those include but are not necessarily limited to the following. The Commission must:

  1. become more reflective (relative to composition) of the Community of Monroe, and especially the City of Rochester (where the majority who are most directly and most devastatingly impacted by racism reside).

  2. operate in ways that are fully transparent, e.g., all proceedings should be open to the public.

  3. find ways to substantially include voices and participation on the part of the economically poorest segments of Rochester and Monroe County.

  4. report publicly, and in a detailed, ongoing fashion, all  funding  that has been, and/or will be allocated, raised, and expended.

  5. seriously consider that a realistic, comprehensive report relative to recommendations concerning significantly-measurable, achievable, anti-racist goals/legislation regarding policing/criminal justice; "education; healthcare, including mental health and addiction services; job creation, business development; as well as other social services" may not be possible to achieve by January, 2021.

  6. develop an ongoing evaluation process regarding recommendations, which will include continued, full participation by Commissioners who want to remain part of the ongoing process, until all recommendations have been achieved.

Numbers 1, 2 & 4 above can and should happen immediately, beginning with expansion of Commission members from 21 to 30 (with the provision that the Coalition that invited you here today, will choose the additional nine members). 

We request that a timely, written response to this Proposal be forwarded to Reverend Lewis Stewart and Minister Clifford Florence.


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