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A Simpler Way to Social Distance: Sweden's response to COVID-19

The Swedish government has taken a very different approach to the coronavirus.

The government has not yet enforced any regulations to combat the spread. Businesses, schools, and parks remain open to the public. The BBC reports that Sweden is circumstantially different form many other countries. Half of all homes in Sweden are only occupied by one person. They also report that many companies are switching to remote work without a government mandate. The Swedish government has said that they trust their people. They believe their population will continue to make smart decisions voluntarily.

Sweden reported its first case of COVID-19 in late January 2020. As of April 6th, the country has reported 7,200 cases. With a population of 10.2 million, these cases make up less than 1% of Swedish citizens. The numbers are similar to its neighboring country, Norway, who reports 5,800 cases.

While similar statistically, the neighbors have taken very different steps. Norway has implemented quarantine to all those traveling into the country as well as anyone who has come in close contact with coronavirus patients. The country has also suspended nonessential businesses as well as public events. If the numbers are so similar, is social distancing really making a difference?

No decision will keep everyone safe. No plan exists without flaws. Only time will tell which countries took the most effectve path.

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