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A Secret Danger?

Men everywhere are angry, low energy, low sex drive, sadness, depression, at their wife, or girlfriend or the the world. Pissed off about everything, and bitching. Is there a thing called male menopause?? Yes there is!

I don't need this Sally!!!

It is true, research shows that men's levels drop in testosterone. And it occurs with age. But can happen to any male showing the menopause signs. It is actually a health risk of a number of problems, and conditions. Just like women get it, men get it too. You could also be a healthy male, but have signs of anger, or low sex drive. It really can happen to any male.

The call male menopause "andropause". Which can last 15-20 years. Which can destroy muscles, where you would need more calcium in pill form. A very bad decrease in entertainment that once you enjoyed now hate. A life you feel like is not worth living, and pain. The good news is they have hormone therapy! And other surgery's to help you on the long run. Exercise, take pills by your doctor, and even go to a therapist.

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