A Relaxing Twist

Want a portal to escape from everyday life, and slip into a beautiful dream of yours? Want a vacation everyday to relax, unwind, and sip gin, and juice. There is always ways of getting away, and letting go.

Our dreams can lead us to direct happiness, and peace. You follow them, and they will give a break. From work life, to even watching your kids. To watching sunsets, to being in Motels, Hotels, where you go swimming in their pools, and get a gourmet coffee. To swimming at beaches, to building forts, and fire pits for a nice roast. From going on an adventure, to motorcycle, ATV riding. To horse back riding, to watching a favorite, or new release movie. Or just simply riding those waves out there, but be careful of sharks!

One thing to remember always have a beach towel! And of course sun screen! Get out about, and have fun. If you are too busy with kids, have someone who you can trust watch over them. And take a day off for yourself! Even play games with your kids, chop wood with them, build a fire pit, and roast marshmallows, and other foods. Have a Friday night movie night with your kids. Take your kids to the mountains, go metal detecting for coins, etc.

Make it fun, and have fun!

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